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Can My Blinds Be Cleaned Safely?

With regular cleaning, your window treatments stay beautiful. You’ll want to properly clean each treatment without causing damage to its material. Before determining the best cleaning method, take a moment to look at your window treatment and note its construction. Are they made of natural or synthetic materials? Some types of material are more sensitive than others, so it’s important to consider the type of window treatment you have before choosing a cleaning method.

While some products require specific cleaning instructions, most window treatments need only

periodic cleaning by one of three easy methods:


To maintain a like-new appearance, dust lightly with a feather duster.


For deeper cleaning, lightly vacuum with the upholstery attachment of any vacuum cleaner.

Spot Cleaning

Blot gently with a soft cloth or sponge, a mild detergent, and warm water, then allow to dry completely. Be careful not to crush or wrinkle fabric shades.

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