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5 Reasons to Love Roller and Solar Shades

Roller and solar shades are great choice if you are looking for simpler design with clean

lines and a multitude of privacy and lift control options. Here are five reasons to love roller and solar shades.


Roller and solar shades are a great way to complement your interiors without becoming the focal point. If your home has ornate architectural details or a classic style you love, there’s no sense in covering those features up. So when it comes to beautiful moldings, millwork, or windows that already make a statement, it’s best to keep it simple with roller or solar shades.


Roller and solar are a super simple, yet effective way to help keep your room cool on those long, hot summer days. The opaque design of the fabric reflects sunlight, creating ideal temperature control so you can conserve energy year round without losing your view.


One of the quintessential elements to great design is layering. Roller shades are the perfect solution when you’re torn between style and function. Create a look you love with bold drapes, a patterned cornice, or even a sliding panel, then pair it with your favorite roller shade. Just layer a simple and neutral roller shade beneath your favorite pattern for optimum light control and privacy.


If you’ve got a great view to the outdoors that you don’t want to shade, roller and solar shades are a great way to protect your space from harmful UV rays, heat, and glare while maintaining a clear outlook. With a variety of openness options, you can customize exactly how much of the world you want to see. Whether you’re in a high rise overlooking the city or want to see your own backyard, roller and solar shades ensure you still enjoy your view.


While it’s great to see the outdoors, you may not want the outdoors to see you. With light filtering options from sheer to blackout, you get to decide just how much privacy your roller shade provides. Similarly, solar shades come in a range of openness options, each providing a specific level of light filtering and UV protection. Regardless of your preferences, roller and solar shades offer customizable solutions so you never feel exposed.



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